With The Build-A-Park Foundation, we build for health, healing and play

The very appearance of our spaces from the onset will be therapeutic. In addition to a having a place to come and play, residents who make use of our modern green spaces and parks will also have a place where they can come for peace of mind.

These high quality, state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, safe spaces are specifically designed and built to encourage healthy com- munity living.


With the Build-A-Park Foundation we build for sustainability

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With The Build-A-Park Foundation, we build for sustainability

Designed with the community in mind, everything we do is for the greater good of the family and community.

But the success and sustainability of our projects will be largely dependent how involved the community is in the partnership to maintain and upkeep the spaces. The Foundation recognizes that their willingness to be involved comes with their understanding of the importance of our spaces to them, their lives, and the life of their community, and we intend to address this issue through an educational program on sustainable communities.

By hosting regular community forum and volunteer training with leading experts in the field of environmental sustainability and healing throughout the design, building, and post-build process we will educate residents on the value of these green and park space environments to them and their wellbeing as a community.

In the end, our aim is to create these extraordinary gathering spaces that are enduring and bring health, healing, and play to our communities.

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