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Build A Park Capital Campaign Drive  


Studies show that much of our identity who we are and how we see and feel about

ourselves is tied to our environment and immediate surroundings. Simply put, our

value/perception of ourselves is directly tied to the state and condition of the areas where we live.


And if the look of our environment suggests that we are of no value, the likelihood that we will see

value in ourselves and be motivated to do better is drastically reduced. This is the reality of so many who

live in our urban communities.That is why it is our belief that, in the communities we serve, the

process of transforming  minds and lives will first begin with transforming environments and immediate


With this in mind, The B-A-P Foundation is embarking on a major fundraising campaign that will allow us to begin the process of investing in our people and their communities. This initial Impacting Lives Today for a Better Tomorrow Capital Campaign Drive will fund the much needed expansion and transformation of the Rock Crusher, C. I. Gibson (Chippingham), and the Steve “Bulla” Pinder (Christie) Park projects in order to improve programs for youth development, healthy living, and community services. Initial construction is expected to start in the fall of 2020, with completion expected by the spring of 2021 barring any unexpected disasters. The B-A-P Foundation would like to partner with the Government of the Bahamas on these park projects by raising $600K as a commitment to making sure that they are not just renovated, but that they are transformed.

Benefits of Parks in Your Community

Parks serve as the heart of their communities

Build-A-Park Goal: $600,000.00

Key Features of our Park Transformation :
New & Improved Playground Equipment & Surfaces
New & Improved Basketball Courts, Player Benches,

& Bleachers Feature Entrance Gates and Shade Benches
Improved Landscaping
Vendor Kiosks
Art Walls Features
Improved Walkway Surfaces and Signage
Improved Lighting Systems
Wifi Technology
CCTV Camera Systems

To donate or partner, contact one of our members at,

or contact our Build-A-Park project manager at (242) 424-8832.

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