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Renee Mayers

H.R. Professional

Renée Mayers has served in an administrative professional capacity for over 30 years having served in quasi government establishments within The Bahamas. Renée has worked at the executive management level where she has had the primary responsibility for ensuring productivity levels are met and exceeded. She championed the human resources suite of functions at the Ministry of Tourism and the College of The Bahamas where she was instrumental in working with all levels of the management team enabling the effective and strategic implementation of those agencies strategic plans. Matching employees to the right jobs was an integral part of ensuring the success of these establishments. Having completed her corporate experiences, Renée determined that she wanted to provide other budding companies and business owners with the quality administrative support needed to guarantee greater success opportunities for their business and therefore established a consultancy company. A veteran administrator, and trainer, Renée is known for her impeccable attention to detail; follow through and time management skills; dependability and strong communication skills. She presently serves in an administrative capacity with the Bahamas Agricultural Health & Food Safety Authority.
In addition to her consultancy firm, Renee has enjoyed putting all of her experiences and know how into managing her small professional cleaning company where she employs some 11 persons.
Topping her list of interests include motivational speaking but she also enjoys reading, writing short stories, inspirational messages and poems along with home gardening, travelling and listening to music. She has a passion for lifelong learning and finds fulfillment in supporting and encouraging her children and family members.

2008: Galilee College, Israel Executive Human Resources Management Diploma Course
2000: James Madison University, Virginia–Certified Manager Designation
1996: Florida International University, Florida–Human Resources & Training Certification
1982-1987: College of Saint Benedict, Minnesota–Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management
Workshops & Courses:
a) Negotiation Skills, Harvard School of Law (2012)
b) Effective Corporate Governance, Accountability & Board Leadership (2012)
c) Professional Leadership Development, Chick-Fil-A Leadercast (2011, 2014)
d) Human Resources & the Law, Padgett Thompson
e) Change Management & Human Resources, Centre for Human Resources Development (Public Service Training Centre)
f) Creative Thinking & Innovative Strategy Seminar
g) Alternative Dispute Resolution, University of Windsor
h) Training Skills & Techniques, Caribbean Regional Hotel Training
i) Improving Organizational Skills, College of The Bahamas
j) Instructional Techniques Workshop, Langevin Learning Services

Renee D. Mayers, is the proud mother of two children; daughter Serenna and son, Ian and the proud grandmother of Jewel Anneres and Jayvon Jamal.

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